Exhibition Design

A New Face
Installation Concept

︎ Uni Project

A seriously playful addition to The National Gallery of Victoria. This installation proposal aims to attract a new audience to the gallery after COVID restrictions are lifted.

The brutalist architecture is juxtaposed with a massive child-like face. This design is a nod to the Lunar Park entrance, giving the NGV an inviting and viabrant appearance.

Room Series
Architectual Concept, 3D Render
2022 - Ongoing

︎ Self Initaited

Light and space in virtual constructions

Something Appealing
Installation Concept
Melbourne Museum

︎ Uni Project
︎ Sculpture

After incubating in a concrete bollard, a mandarin is mysteriously revealed at the Melbourne Museum.

This playful installation aims to bring the magical atmosphere of the Melbourne Museum to its outdoor space. Through revealing something unexpected, I hope to inspire young minds to imagine what may lie behind everyday objects.

An accompanying poster visualises the hide-and-reveal nature of the sculpture, creating a sense of intriuge and confusion.

The Green Inbetween
Green Space Concept, Brand Identity

︎ Uni Project
︎ Placemaking

Outside of parks, city life is barren. The Green Inbetween is a network of gardens that brings nature to Melbourne’s everyday. With room for natural life to flourish in the city streets, Melbournians from all walks can share tranquil experiences that reconnect them in a disconnected, post-pandemic world.

Inbetween buildings
Inbetween A and B
Inbetween You and I

The Green Inbetween reimagines Melbourne’s underutilized common ground to celebrate experiences that cultivate community, optimism, and growth away from environmental decline.

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