A Void in RMIT + Vessels()
Research Publication

A joint publication to reflect on campus emptiness, the value of exhibitions in studio practice, and the restrictions creative students face if they seek the university’s support for exhibiting publicly.

Vessels() is a prospective exhibition of 3D printed ceramics, serving as example of work which should be seen, but will likely find it’s home in the back-of-house.
Exhibition Identity

Misdemeanours is an exhibition that explores small, seemingly insignificant acts of transgression in our daily lives. Misdemeanours sheds light on the subtle ways we challenge societal norms and expectations through artistic intervention.⁣
Brand Identity, Label Design
2023 - Ongoing

︎ WIP

Star-crossed lovers.
Reform School
Brand Identity, Creative Direction, Graphic Design
2016 - Ongoing

︎ Self Initiated
︎ Collaborative

Reform School is for the children; those with a eye for what can be. 

Reform School is a clothing brand idea Finn created in 2016. Since then, it’s sprouted from upcycled clothes into a school of thought as well as a critical response to the art education canon. The ideology of reform aims to generate connections through freeform and communal creativity. Through this, Reform School cultivates a culture for artists to create and collaborate without entry or exit points.

Reforming is a collective improvisation which encourages playful experimentation and a recontextualisation of the everyday. A recurrent theme is the 6 pointed star, or ‘jackpot’, which is a vector for change.
Brand Concept

︎ Uni Project

A wine bar that refills

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Reform is for the children