Timetable for Neurodiverse Students
Product Design, Brand Identity
2021 - Ongoing
︎ Uni Project

︎ Research Lead

A prototype timetable for primary school classrooms, developed alongside Reshid Bey, after a research project with “Neu Collective”.

The aim of this product, is to communicate the structure school-day (in this case a day of prep) that is legible and consistent throughout each classroom. The difference between our proposed timetable and others available is that it is designed to be accommodating for all students, including those with ASD and other members of the neurodivergent population who particularly benefit from visual aids and recognisable routines.

This product would be utilised throughout all year levels with specific icons for lessons and special activities such as assembly. In their present form, timetables in classrooms are often hard to read, utilise confusing or irrelevant imagery and are inconsistent between classrooms as teachers take a DIY approach without any standardised system. This can significantly hinder student engagement and have a ongoing effect on a student’s confidence. Our proposed modular system, comprised of simple geometric pieces, helps create a daily routine by providing feedback on; what’s completed, what’s in progress, and what’s coming up.

Totem Booksheld
Concept, 3D Render 
︎ Self Initiated

A place to put your objects of desire.

This bookshelf offers a dynamic prompt for presenting your favourite objects. The cubic design enables one to flip the shelf or connect it to other Totems.

Product Concept, 3D Render
︎ Self Initiated
︎ Collaborative

The sweetest lamp imaginable.
Co-created with stylist Amelia Rafferty

Chicken Kettle 2
Product Concept
︎ Self Initiated
︎ Functional Sculpture

Make one, make another.

Chicken Kettle
Concept Drawings, 3D Render 

︎ Self Initiated
︎ Functional Sculpture

This kitsch rooster helps wake you up, though it doesn’t crow.
Designed with an emphasis on form and inspired by the golden ratio.

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